Ivan Paul Bondoc
PhD Student 
Department of Linguistics, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
My Work
My research interests lie in discovering the grammatical representations and processing mechanisms involved in parsing and generation of morphosyntactic structures. I work on Philippine languages, in particular, Tagalog (with an interest on Philippine-type voice systems in general).

I also maintain an interest on how these morphosyntactic properties are acquired by children, and are lost due to attrition, such as in aphasia and other language disorders. Some of my current side projects also include multilingual issues in disordered populations, and other issues relevant to speech-language pathology practice.
Office Address                                  E-mail Address
        Moore 583                                        [email protected]
        1890 East-West Road​
        Honolulu HI USA 96822

(full CV available upon request)